I’m Marlene McNally

My experience – and what it means for you

I’ve spent my life challenging myself and dealing with huge amounts of change. I’ve learned a lot and I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered with you.

London – Tokyo – Sydney – Moscow – London

I’ve travelled a great deal, moving from my home city, London, to Tokyo and Sydney, then taking the opportunity to move to Moscow, where I spent 20 years working on projects for a number of international organisations.. 

Every time I moved, I had to adapt to a new language, a new culture, build new networks and find a way to live in completely new surroundings. It wasn’t easy to make those changes on my own.  I wish I’d had someone to guide me through some of the mind drama that came up as work, relationships and self-confidence challenges came up as I grew.

Why Me?

As a certified life coach, I  have worked with hundreds of clients.   I see people gaining self-confidence and dreaming bigger – but from an authentic place, rather than from the need to measure themselves by what other people think is important.

They want to fly higher because they can.

How about you?  Are you ready to dream big?  Are you ready to fly? 

My sessions with Marlene have been no less than a revelation. You often hear the words ‘life changing’, but hand on heart my experience with Marlene has truly been just that. I feel and am so much wiser, emotionally intelligent and mature. I have been empowered with resilience, and feel able to embrace difficult life experiences that I never had the confidence to face before. I am living my life at it’s best and an armed with lots of tools to see me through the ups and downs that life always throws at you when you least expect. Marlene has help me to completely alter my way of thinking for the better as well as being enormously insightful for my life moving forward. Our sessions might not have been easy at times, but I always felt hugely supported and comforted that my journey was definitely going in the right direction.

Catherine, Photographer

I would recommend Marlene and here’s why: She helped me get out of a rut. In the right way. Yes, I would have gotten myself out of it eventually but not for the right reasons, as I’d been in that place a few times before. – You allowed me to look at what was holding me back, work through the fear, and gave me the confidence to move forward – we didn’t dwell on these, you showed me how to accept these emotions and then gave me the tools and guidance to navigate to a better place for myself I found our sessions were really helpful to me – if only this was something I’d considered years ago. We set out to work on my confidence and I feel like I got that and a whole lot more out of it.

Sarah, Marketing Expert, UK

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